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Judgment Day

The first major school play since the pandemic takes place in the School Theatre on:

  • Tuesday 16 November at 7pm
  • Wednesday 17 November at 4.15pm (No tickets required. Just turn up and find a seat)
  • Thursday 18 November at 7pm

It’s just another normal day at a small town station where a handful of passengers are waiting for the stopping train. Then Thomas Hudetz, the well-liked station master, is momentarily distracted by a young woman and seconds later eighteen people are dead. Standing in the wreckage of the 405 Express train, can Thomas accept the truth that is hurtling towards him and if not, how long can he postpone the day of judgment?

This highly entertaining, fast-paced, dramatic story of lies, tragedy and delusion is a vividly characterised portrayal of a society that refuses to take responsibility for its actions.

The play is one act and lasts approximately 1.5 hours only. 

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