Year 8 Service Pledge

Posted on: November 26th 2018School News

PIN3Today sees the launch of the Lower School Service Pledge to our Year 8 boys.

The concept of service, of giving something back to those in need, is an MGS tradition dating back to the First World War, and for the Service Pledge, we ask boys to volunteer up to 10 hours of their free time to help those in need.

Examples in the past have including gardening or doing the shopping for elderly neighbours, helping out at a refugee centre for asylum seekers, keeping the gates to a local park locked to prevent vandalism and lots more.

The Service Pledge instills in our boys the benefits of helping those in need, and develops their character as they grow from children into young men during their time at MGS.

Once a boy has volunteered 10 hours of service, he is eligible to receive the MGS Service Pledge pin.