The magic of new beginnings - Jake

Posted on: January 10th 2019School News


As part of our feature looking at what it is like to join MGS, told through the eyes of the boys themselves, today we hear from Jake, who started as a Year 7 pupil this past September.


My first few weeks at MGS have been brilliant. At first it was a little overwhelming, but very soon I began to get used to it all and I am really enjoying every day.

My main concern when I started was losing my things, because I am not an organised person, trust me! But now I have been taught by the School how to stay organised, as well as many other new skills. I have tried many new clubs, and I was really excited to be accepted into the football squad. Everyone was so helpful on my first day, like the teachers and older boys, making us feel calm. When I walk around the School each day, it’s really nice to see some friends from my old school and my brother, Joe. It’s great when you realise how many people you know from all the clubs and classes you have been attending. I have found that I have been making lots of friends.

In the future I would love to get involved in school plays, especially musicals, because I love Drama. Another subject I look forward to is Classics, because we have fun in the lesson at the same time as learning a lot. I am also looking forward to going on school trips, especially the Owls’ Nest.