The magic of new beginnings - Rohail

Posted on: January 11th 2019School News


Today, as part of our ongoing feature about what it is really like to start as an MGS pupil, written by the pupils themselves, we hear from Rohail, who started as a Year 7 pupil this past September:  


On my first day, I felt nervous but also quite excited. This was because I already knew many people because of the football meet up, which was a few days before the start of  term.

My first impressions of MGS were that it was a large and grand school with lots of buildings and lots of students. All the teachers and students towered above me, it felt quite a shock. It was so different to primary school.

The teachers and older students however, were amazingly kind and helpful. On my first day I was lost and asked an older boy who showed me to my lesson. He was very kind and approachable, and this made me feel quite comfortable at MGS. The teachers turned about to be friendly and encouraging too.

My favourite subjects are General science and German. Firstly because the teacher makes science really fun and exciting. We do lots of cool and fun experiments - my favourite experiment was popping popcorn, This lesson has been my favourite so far. German is completely new to me so I am learning a new language which is really fun. My German teacher has said that I have been doing very well in class. After that I felt very proud of myself and confident.

I’m so glad that I chose this because my experiences so far have been fun and enjoyable. Also the dinners are delicious, with halal options, which is great for me. My favourite dinner is the chicken burgers.

There are so many clubs to choose from that I found it hard to make a decision. In the end, I decided upon Hockey Club, Cinema Club and the History Society.

Overall I have immensely enjoyed my time at MGS so far. It’s a great school with a brilliant, friendly atmosphere. I’ve already made lots of friends and I’m looking forward to the next trip to the Owl's Nest.