The magic of new beginnings - Zain

Posted on: January 17th 2019School News


This is Zain's story about what it is like to start at MGS as a Year 7 pupil: 


On my first day, I was nervous but also very excited. It was easy for me to make new friends and to see how many clubs were on offer.

I also started to study Classics, which is where we learn about tales from Ancient Greece and also learn the Greek alphabet. I have also had a phenomenal time at MGS so far and I am sure it will carry on that way. There are lots of co-curricular activities here. I put myself forward for squash and now I go every week on a Monday night and have made a lot of new friends due to it. I was overwhelmed by the friendly staff and also the community.

I have had two highlights at MGS and they are to play squash every week and to walk up Mam Tor and go in a cave and learn about limestone. My favourite subjects are English, General Science and Drama, simply because they are very interesting and make me very eager to expand my knowledge in class. So far, MGS has been fantastic and I know my experience here will be too.