The magic of new beginnings - Joe

Posted on: January 18th 2019School News


Joe started at MGS in the Junior School, and in September 2018, moved into the Senior School. As part of our feature about what life is really like to be a Year 7 pupil at MGS, this is Joe's story.


Having spent three great years in the Junior School of MGS, I was really excited about the transition to Senior School.  I was a little apprehensive on the first day, but having been told so many good things about the Senior School, I forgot all about my nerves and couldn’t wait to get started. 

One of the best ways to make friends at MGS is to play sport.  I am currently on the rugby squad and water polo squad, and I have made lots of new friends.  Sport isn’t the only way of making friends though, MGS offers lots of clubs and trips and they are just as important as your subjects.  So far in MGS I am really enjoying myself with sport and subjects alike. 

My favourite subjects are Maths, Science and History.  I enjoy Science because we do all sorts of exciting experiments, such as making popcorn and melting salol!  Another favourite subject for me is History.  At the moment, we are studying the Battle of Hastings and how the Normans won.  Many people may say that Maths is boring but it is actually really interesting; at the moment we are learning more about Trigonometry and Algebra. 

I am really enjoying the freedom of the Senior School and the responsibility of personal organisation.  I have been hugely enjoying my Senior School privilege of being allowed to use the Sivori’s ice-cream van!