The magic of new beginnings - Rayyan

Posted on: January 21st 2019School News


Rayyan started as a Year 3 pupil in September 2018, and was voted Form Captain. This is his story of his first term at MGS:


I have been reflecting back on my first half-term at MGS, and would like to tell you about how it has been. On my first day, butterflies were in my tummy on the way to school as I was anxious but excited at the same time. My emotions and feelings were all mixed up! However, I was determined to make a good first impression and make sure I was the best I can be!

So far, one of my favourite activities is participating in the competitive sporting fixtures. It has been fun travelling with my team-mates to new schools and venues. I have relished the opportunity to represent the School and show how smart MGS boys are! I have also enjoyed meeting my new teachers. I am very lucky because they are all friendly and kind and show me what to do.

My classmates are also good fun to play with and chat to and I enjoy working in groups with them. I felt really honoured to be voted as Form Captain and will do all the jobs that I am given to the best of my ability. I appreciate the delicious school lunches made by the canteen staff- they are excellent chefs!

I am also making the most out of the all the different clubs on offer and my new violin teacher is inspiring. My teacher also inspires me to want to do my best at all times. She shows me how to make sure my work is always the highest quality that I can produce. My favourite subject so far has probably been maths because we get to go out and discover lots more new things. I have a passion for exploring new ideas. I also take pleasure in meeting new people. I have made good friends in my new class. I thought this was going to be challenging but it was actually quite easy because many of the boys have the same hobbies as me. Even the ones that do not like sport are also my friends. It was important to me to make new friends and not just play with the boys that I knew from my old school. I am really looking forward to going on school trips with my new buddies and, in particular, I am looking forward to my first ever residential trip.

My first half-term at MGS has been great and I hope to continue doing my best all the time!