The magic of new beginnings - Roman

Posted on: January 22nd 2019School News


Roman joined MGS as a Year 3 pupil at the start of the 2018 Michaelmas Term. This is his experience of his first term being an MGS boy.


In September 2018 I started a new adventure, it was my first day at MGS. I felt excited and very happy!

I got the bus all by myself. I didn’t know where I was going but all the boys on the bus were so friendly and told me where to go.

I have enjoyed so much this term at MGS, especially meeting so many new friends and learning so many new subjects.

My favourite subject so far is Computing with Miss Thorpe. I love learning how to make posters and doing my Maths work. I can do this at home too which is great fun!

It was easy to make new friends. It was very helpful to have name tags on the first day. I have loved making so many new friends, and I really love playing with them at break and lunch.

I am only in Year 3 and love MGS so much already. I can’t wait to go all the way through the School until I’m 18, learning so much along the way.

I love everything about MGS, especially the clubs. I can’t wait until next term when I can do Judo and start working on my grades.