The magic of new beginnings - James

Posted on: January 25th 2019School News


Concluding our feature about what life is really like at MGS, today we hear from James, who started in Year 3 in September 2018.


On my first day I felt apprehensive and excited because MGS is such a mammoth school.  When I arrived, I walked into the School and almost fainted as it looked so gargantuan! 

My classroom looked amazing because there were pictures on the walls and flags hanging from the lights with word of the week.  My favorite subjects are History and Art.  I like History because I love learning about new things from a long time ago, like Fibonacci and The Shang Dynasty.  I like Art because you get all messy and sticky!  I have also made some new friends.  I love all the clubs and sports, and have most enjoyed rugby in my first term. I enjoy swim squad but really relish fencing club, we wear fencing masks and hold real steel swords and battle with each other - I love it! 

I love everything about MGS!