Junior School visit Lancaster Castle

Posted on: March 20th 2019School News

6c in prison

Year 6 visited Lancaster Castle and the Judges’ Lodgings Museum this week as part of their History unit on Crime and Punishment.

Lancaster Castle has a rather macabre history, having operated as a prison until 2011 and is still a working court today. Boys got to experience what it would be like to stand trial and tried out the castle’s medieval dungeon for size, as well as viewing the various terrifying torture implements which were once used and listening to stories of the grizzly executions which have taken place throughout the castle’s history, such as the infamous case of the Pendle Witches.

At the Judges’ Lodgings Museum, we found out about the life of Thomas Covell, Keeper of Lancaster Castle and notorious witch hunter, as well as the role of the townhouse as a residence for judges visiting the Assize Court at the castle.