Bexwyke Lecture 2019

Posted on: March 21st 2019School News


Today, we hosted our annual Bexwyke Lecture Day, with the theme of ‘The Life of an Astronaut in Outer Space’. Primary school children from across Manchester came to MGS to participate in a series of workshops and attend the related afternoon lecture. 

This year we were delighted to welcome our guest speaker, Professor Brad Gibson, Head of Physics and Maths at The University of Hull. He uses powerful supercomputers to understand how our Milky Way Galaxy came to be, and how the chemical elements, out of which we are made, were created inside stars. He is the author of more than 300 publications, including the determination of the expansion rate of the Universe and the likelihood that complex life exists outside of our solar system.

Pupils attending were invited to compete in our prize winning challenge, which was to design a poster advertising for applicants who would like to become astronauts. Professor Gibson had the tough task of judging the entries and presented a prize to the winner at the end of his lecture.

Our thanks go to Professor Gibson for presenting a very interesting and informative talk to a packed Memorial Hall. Thanks also to participating Junior and Senior school staff for organising such fascinating workshops, ensuring an ‘out of this world’ experience was had by all.