The magic of new beginnings - Angus and Shai

Posted on: October 17th 2019School News

Starting at a new school is an exciting time, but it can also be a daunting one. At MGS, we make every effort to ensure boys settle in as quickly as possible, and feel safe and happy. But rather than hearing from a teacher about what we do, we asked a few MGS boys who started in Year 7 during the last academic year to tell you, in their own words, what it is like to start at MGS.




MGS Senior school is incredible. The opportunities on offer are awesome. In the first term, we spent a week trekking around the Welsh peninsula, carrying my own equipment and food. It was tiring but a great challenge and fantastic fun, and I felt a real sense of achievement when I completed it.

I played a part in re-introducing the School’s radio station, which was great fun on a number of levels. This showed me that truly anything is possible at MGS.  Around Christmas time, I was invited to perform with around 20 other pupils to sing carols at the local old people’s home. This was one of my year highlights as it was lovely to bring happiness to so many people.

The endless amount of opportunities offered at school always amazes me.  The addition of the new hockey pitch this year is just brilliant. One thing that has challenged me this year is having a jam-packed week of lessons and sport, and then on a Saturday waking up bright and early to represent the School at rugby. Thanks to our hardworking groundstaff, we have great pitches to play on week after week.

Starting Senior School can be daunting, but after the first day of meeting my tutors and all the new friends that arrive, you realise that there was nothing to worry about.  Year 7 has been a blast with many happy memories made.



I distinctly remember my first day at MGS, knowing I wanted to make an impact and be the best that I could be. I wanted to try something new and push myself to do so. Looking back, I can gladly say I achieved the above.

Every day was a new challenge. The lessons were fun and exciting and always made you think. They always tried to bring out the best in you. The teachers made learning enjoyable rather than a chore. There was never a competitive atmosphere, yet you always wanted to beat your last score... and maybe your best friend too!

And then there was the co-curricular activities. Being an academic will only get you so far in life. Since joining the School, I have done squash and cross country, both of which I have taken up in Year 7, sung in numerous choir performances, starred as the main character in an Ancient Greek play and participated in many lunchtime clubs and societies.

School offers you a myriad of opportunities - it's up to the individual how they are used. Those choices will create your school life.