The Magic of New Beginnings - Joshua

Posted on: October 30th 2019School News


As part of our feature about what it is really like to become an MGS boy, today we hear from Joshua, who started in September 2018 in Year 3:

My first year at MGS has been amazing – I’ve loved every second of it. There are so many clubs that you can get involved with, from sports clubs to musical clubs. I tried every sport on offer each term, and also joined in with orchestra, choir, language club, gardening club and fantasy world!

I’ve made loads of new friends at MGS – everyone is so friendly and kind. All the teachers at MGS are so helpful. They make learning so much fun and enjoyable. I catch the bus to school every day. I love that I get to chat to my friends and play games during the bus ride.

We get the option of trying to complete the Hugh Oldham Award. We have to complete 12 activities that help us develop knowledge and skills that mostly pertain to the outdoors. I’ve loved taking part in all the activities and I was so pleased to get my badge.