The Magic of New Beginnings - Adam

Posted on: October 31st 2019School News


Our feature about what life is really like at MGS continues today, as we hear from Adam, who joined MGS in Year 3 just a month ago: 

When I first joined The Manchester Grammar School, I felt so excited because it was my new school and it was my second time going to go to a new school. I was trying to be a brave by not feeling shy.   

I felt happy, even though I was a bit nervous about making new friends. I have enjoyed MGS so far and my favourite subjects are Maths, Games, PE, General Science. I like PE because we get active and start running and I like Maths because I like doing times tables and division because they challenge me a lot, especially division. I like General Science because I like learning about the human body and seeing the inside of the brain. I also like learning about the different chemicals.

It has been very hard to make friends because they were all new and I am used to my old friends, but now I have many new friends and I normally play basketball with them at break time. I sometimes play some Pokemon and trade some good cards. I also like history because we are learning about interesting things like the Shang Dynasty and the Victorians. What I am looking forward to in the future is learning some more computing skills and I am looking forward to my new options the half-term.

The best thing about MGS is that all the teachers are very friendly and are all very helpful. They helped me settle into my new school very quickly.