Life in the MGS Junior School

Posted on: March 9th 2021School News

Dsc 0351

By Vishal Prasad 

I was ecstatic I got a place at MGS. On my first day, I was excited but nervous because I was exposed to a new environment. I had a fantastic time and I had already made new friends. It was great we all are allocated a ‘Buddy’. You can tell this person anything, whether it is your worries, if you are stuck or even if is just to ask for advice.

My favourite subjects are Maths and Science, I enjoyed learning about new experiments and carrying them out. I learnt a new language, Spanish. It was really fun. There are a variety of cool clubs to try out. I do a different club every day, from Music to Sport. I have also thoroughly enjoyed doing the Hugh Oldham Award, as it has taught me about the basic survival in the great outdoors. There is always something that suits everyone.

I missed school during the first Covid-19 lockdown and, in some ways, it was challenging when I was studying from home. However, it was nice having daily chats and being a part of the class and seeing my teacher, Mrs Neild, who is very kind. 

I am truly grateful that MGS has supported me, cared for me and has made me the best I can be. MGS is the best school.