The Magic of New Beginnings - Aoli

Posted on: September 29th 2021School News


As part of our feature looking at what life is really like at MGS, today we hear from Aoli, who has just moved into Year 4. This is his account of what his first year as a pupil in our Junior School was like: 

When I first started MGS, I felt excited but also a bit nervous. I was excited because a lot of my friends said MGS is the best boy school in Manchester. I was nervous because it was a totally different environment. There were different teachers, different classrooms, and different classmates. The teachers are all very kind and they helped me settle in to MGS.

After two weeks, I got used to the environment. There are lots of fun subjects like Maths, English, Science, Art, Drama, Spanish and Geography. My favourite subject is Science because you get to do interesting experiments. I enjoyed participating in a variety of sports throughout the year. Everyone had an opportunity to play their favourite sports.

What I enjoyed the most about my first year at MGS were the exciting co-curricular clubs. I go to Paint By Numbers, Chess, Traditional Board Games and Sports. During the home learning period, there were good online learning resources and the timetable stayed the same. We had Microsoft Teams meetings for every lesson with our teacher. We even did PE and swimming online!. There were also special events like Activity Days, where we just did amazingly fun activities for three days. The best part is we get to choose the activities we like.

MGS is my favourite school so far!