Welcome from the School Captain

Posted on: October 1st 2021School News


The prestigious role of MGS School Captain is awarded to a Year 13 pupil at the start of each academic year. In this article, our School Captain for the 2021/22 academic year, Euan Aspin, talks about his experiences of life at MGS, and what makes the School so special.

When I joined MGS in Year 7, the School was quite a daunting place to me, with one year group being bigger than the entirety of my primary school, and it took more than an hour’s journey through Manchester to get to school each morning. But my form tutor was really supportive and helped me, and my form, with the transition into MGS.

The system of small tutor groups, of around 12 people, allowed my form tutor to better understand me and this really helped to develop a strong relationship with them. This allowed me to have a teacher I could turn to when I need help. What I learnt, is that regardless of your personality, MGS is always there to help support you and grow you as a person.

There are so many different things that makes MGS special, and each student will have different opinions. Whether this is the teachers who are both passionate and well-versed in their subjects, or the encouraging environment in lessons. I think one of the best things about MGS is that it allows you to engage with activities that you enjoy. That means every student’s trip through MGS is different, and tailored to them as a person. This gives people the opportunity to discover who they are and what they enjoy.

Talking of opportunities, this is another area of MGS I am so grateful for. From the weekly clubs that are numerous and ever-changing, to the outdoor activities like Summer camps and treks. Then there is the wide range of sports - from water polo to basketball to rowing to football – the Drama production held in the MGS Theatre and the music bands and choirs. Some of my personal highlights were the Trek to Sweden, walking in the Arctic Circle which had some majestic views, and Activities Week, which gives pupils a week of fun activities to celebrate the end of the year, including cooking courses, camps, and Art activities to name but a few.

At the end of this year, I’ll be sad to leave MGS as it has become a central part of my life. While I will miss the opportunities that MGS has offered me, it has undoubtedly placed me in a strong position for my future, from an outstanding education to personal development. Therefore, I look forward to what lies ahead, but I know that MGS will always provide me with more opportunities, and I will look forward to continuing to be part of the School community.