Dancer and singer Harris Hay's story

Posted on: September 13th 2018School News


Juggling the demands of schoolwork and outside interests can be a tricky one for any pupil, but the timetable of Year 10 MGS boy Harris Hay is tiring just to look at!

An extremely talented dancer and singer, Harris has been singing and dancing every single night after School since he started at MGS in Year 7. His daily routine involves getting the bus to School at 7.30am, completing a full day at MGS which finishes at 4.45pm, before a quick change at home and then out of the door again to dance.

His weekly schedule is:

Monday -  Teen Hip Hop and currently holds a Bronze Certificate

Tuesday - Grade 3 Ballet, having passed his Grade 2 before Summer

Wednesday - Grade 4 Tap and SHOW DANCE

Thursday - Musical Theatre, and Harris performs in a show every year at either the Plaza or Romiley Forum

Friday- Manchester Musical Youth in Hulme at Z Arts, and has recently been in the shows Thirteen and Half A Sixpence.

Harris, 14, is a very keen Musical Theatre fan and studies Drama at MGS, having won the Drama Prize in Year 9 last year. He also starred as Sammy the dog and performed brilliantly during dance routines in the MGS Drama production in Goodnight Mr Tom. Each week he also crams in a vocal lesson and is working towards his Grade 4 Vocal Exam.

Mum Melanie said: "You can imagine how tiring this schedule is and yet Harris is so committed to his musicals and dancing. Across the board he is progressing steadily through the ranks of the exams, some of which take almost two years of classes to achieve, all while juggling the academics of MGS.

"He gets drama and vocal lessons at school, but his form tutor, Mr Garvey is hugely supportive and knows the pressure he is under to get homework completed with all the extra-curricular activity. They build in lunchtime homework sessions so the amount Harris has to do once he gets home is less.

"MGS is amazing in that it allows you to be an individual and that’s what Harris loves the most."