Outstanding 2018 GCSE exam results

Posted on: August 23rd 2018School News

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Pupils at MGS, the 2018 Sunday Times North West Independent School of the Year, are celebrating another year of exceptional GCSE examination results.

91% of grades awarded to MGS pupils were A*/A or 9/8/7 (the equivalent grades in the new, reformed GCSEs).

53% of all reformed GCSE grades were at grade 9, the top grade, which indicates a performance above an A*.

76% of all reformed GCSE grades were at 9/8, the equivalent of an A*.

The GCSE results follow outstanding A-level results by MGS boys last week, with 36% of all grades at A* or the Pre-U equivalent, 69% of grades at A*s, As or the Pre-U equivalent, and 90% of grades at A*, A or B or the Pre-U equivalent.

This level of performance puts MGS in a very select group ofschools nationally.

The School’s High Master, Dr Martin Boulton, said: "I am delighted with the outstanding results our pupils have once again achieved, and pleased that their talent and hard work have been rewarded. I would also like to thank all the School’s staff for helping our boys realise their academic potential."

Here, in their own words, you can read what our boys had to say about their results:

Zac Copeland-Greene achieved an amazing eight A*s and four 9 grades. He said: "I really am so delighted. I’ve surpassed my own expectations so I’m very pleased. I worked really hard and it’s certainly paid off. The MGS teachers have been absolutely amazing and supported us all every step of the way. Today I’ll be taking it all in and will celebrate later on. Such a great day."

Adi Arora achieved a fantastic nine A*s and two 9 grades. He said: "I’m feeling elated! All the hard work I’ve put in has finally paid off. GCSE time is intense so I’m glad I had other things to focus on too I was actually playing the role of Phantom in Phantom of the Opera at the Withington Guild during exam time Phantom was my rock when I needed head space. Theatre is my long-term goal and my dream is to act on the West End.

"Prior to that I’ll be studying Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Physics in Sixth Form here at MGS. The teachers have been so wonderfully supportive of us all, they’re incredible and I honestly couldn’t have done so well without them. I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family today."

Callum Doyle achieved nine A* grades and one 9 grade. He said: "To be honest I’m feeling rather calm. It’s a weight off my chest and I hope to finally sleep tonight! GCSE time was stressful but last night was my most worrying as I’d hoped to do well, but I’m over the moon I did better than I expected! I’m off home to now to get some sleep and will celebrate later on."

Ishaan Dasgupta obtained seven A* grades, three 9 grades and one 8 grade. He said: "I’m feeling extremely happy. I thought I’d be disappointed today as I did feel stressed during the exams but I’m over the moon my hard work has paid off. I couldn’t have done it without my teachers support. They have our back through all the school years and I really appreciate all they’ve done. I’ve secured some investment banking work experience in London for the end of August which I’m looking forward to, and then a little rest until Sixth Form in September. I’ll be celebrating with family and friends today."

Sammy Palmer achieved seven A* grades, two 9 grades and an A. He said: "I’m ecstatic totally over the moon! It feels like all the hard work and effort I put in has finally paid off. I love art and drama but in subjects such as maths and the sciences I really didn’t expect to get A*s it feels incredible and it’s so very true that you get out what you put in. 

"I’ll be celebrating with friends today. We’re all so proud of ourselves we’ve all come such a long way together and deserve to have some fun. The MGS staff are all so supportive we wouldn’t be here celebrating without their hard work and encouragement."

Daniel Bourne achieved seven A* grades and three grade 9s. He said: "I’m seriously so happy! I’ve dreamt about this day and opening my GCSE envelope since Year 7!

"Due to the new grading system I was dubious about the results I’d get but this is the hardest I’ve ever worked. I’ve given 100% and it’s most certainly paid off. I’m not a natural at maths but I worked so hard and got a 9 I’m over the moon! Our teachers have been extremely supportive throughout the whole process and I can’t wait to celebrate today and start Sixth Form in September."

Haris Qadri, 16, achieved eight A* grades and two 9 grades. He said: "I’m pretty surprised but very happy! I’ve worked really hard so I’m pleased with my results. The MGS teacher support has been fantastic throughout the whole journey. I’ll be celebrating with friends today and will worry about the next steps in Sixth Form in September for now I’m just ecstatic!"

Jacob Wiggets obtained eight A* and three 9 grades. He said: "I’m feeling great! I’m so pleased with my results. I certainly worked hard but I’m still surprised.The teachers at MGS have definitely supported me in my journey and I couldn’t have done it without them. I’m off to Leeds Festival today to celebrate with my friends. It’s just brilliant."

Jack Hayhurst achieved eight A* grades and two 9 grades. He said: "I’m delighted as I wasn’t expecting the results I got! I’ve worked really hard so I’m very pleased it’s paid off. The MGS teachers have been great and I genuinely couldn’t have done it without them. I’m off out for a meal with my family to celebrate they’re very proud."

James Dickinson obtained eight A*s and one 9 grade. He said: "I’m relieved and happy at the same time. I’d hoped for good results as I’ve worked so hard and I’m so pleased it’s paid off with the great results I got. The MGS staff have been so supportive throughout the entire journey which has certainly been stressful at times. I’m off to Leeds festival to celebrate with friends this weekend as we’ve all done so very well."

Alan Sulaivany achievedseven A*s and three 9 grades. He said: "I’m ecstatic! I really didn’t expect the results I got and it certainly shows that hard work really does pay off. I’ve not felt very confident along this journey and I’ve found it extremely mentally challenging, but I’ve given 100% and with the support I’ve had from my teachers - it’s just amazing!

"Today I’m going to take it all in and then celebrate with family and friends. Then I’ll start thinking about my future in Year 12."

Sarup Saroha obtained eight A* grades and one 9 grade. He said: "I’m really happy! My mum is too she cried when I got my results! I’ve worked really hard for my GCSE’s so I’m over the moon. My teachers have been so unbelievably supportive and my Dad has helped my too. I’m off to Leeds Festival to celebrate with friends this weekend I can’t wait."

Soham Ganguly achieved nine A* grades and two 9 grades. He said: "I’m happy, so very happy! I worked hard, probably could have worked harder in some areas, but it’s just gone so well and I’m delighted with my 9s in Latin and Maths. The MGS teachers have been great and helped me a lot. I’m planning on celebrating with a meal at home today."

Harrison Kaye was awarded eight A*s and four 9 grades the highest possible grades he could have achieved. He said: "I’m so relieved but also very very happy! It’s been a long process but I feel great today in fact I think I’m in a state of shock! I got an A* with full marks in Chinese which I’m hoping to study at University I’d love to attend British Columbia in Vancouver."