We are a strong, diverse and outward-looking community.


One of the greatest strengths and most distinctive characteristics of MGS is the diversity of the school community -  socially, culturally, economically and geographically. Our pupils value this diversity enormously: they learn a great deal from, and show great mutual respect for, each other. Our philosophy is perhaps nowhere better summed up than in our programme of religious assemblies every Friday: there are five assemblies (Jewish, Muslim, Indian, Christian and non-religious) and pupils may (and do) go to whichever assembly interests them, regardless of their faith.


We understand the importance of forging and nurturing links with communities beyond the School.  Currently our community links include: the New Islington Free School in Manchester, schools in Africa, Europe, China and India, as well other schools in the Manchester region that we support through our outreach and Community Action programmes.  We believe that our community is richer for the diversity of our network and enriched by what we can learn from others.