Why should I consider MGS for my son?

Our teachers provide an environment in which inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity and genuine scholarship all thrive. Our boys develop lifelong passions for academic work and they have a great deal of fun along the way.

We aim for the widest possible social access – admitting boys regardless of social, cultural, religious and financial background.

Each of our boys is an individual and we treat him as such. The well-being of each member of our community is promoted and supported by strong pastoral care. Tutor groups are small - no more than 12 pupils - to enable strong bonds to develop between tutor and tutees.

Our boys are encouraged to take responsibility for their own work and for the support, leadership and guidance they might provide for others – to develop independence of mind and spirit.

We want our boys to make the most of the tremendous opportunities we give them – within every boy there is a spark which we aim to ignite. The choice here is unrivalled – in clubs and societies, through drama, music and sports, on camps and treks, and as community volunteers.

Will we have a chance to visit the School?

Yes. We are pleased to say that we are planning to hold two Whole School Open Events, for both our Senior and Junior Schools, on Thursday 28 September 4.30-7pm and on Saturday 11 November 9.30-midday

There is no need to pre-register for the above events; simply turn up and we will be happy to show you around the school.

Our doors are also open for personal tours during normal school days. To arrange a tour, please contact our Admissions Team, by emailing or telephone 0161 224 7201 ext 234. We look forward to welcoming you to MGS soon.

Do you provide transport to and from the School?

We are a regional school and, as such, we provide wide transport links. Please see our Transport page here for comprehensive details.

Which co-curricular activities are available?

We have a vast array of clubs, societies, after-school activities, trips and visits - far more than you would normally expect to find in a school. Contact our Admissions Office for more information.

Is MGS a Boarding School?

No. MGS is a day school only - there is no boarding.

Application and Assessment

What are the entry stages at MGS?

  • Junior School at ages 7, 8, 9 or 10 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)
  • Senior School, normally at age 11 (Year 7)
  • Senior School at age 12, 13 and 14 (Late Entry to Year 7, entry to Year 8, 9 and 10)
  • Sixth Form at age 16+ (Year 12)

When should I apply for entry in September 2023?

The deadline for Year 7 applications is Monday 20 November and the deadline for Junior School applications is Friday 24 November. The deadline for Year 12 bursary applications is Friday 8 March. There is no deadline for Year 12 fee-paying applications, although we advise applying as early as possible to ensure the availability of space on assessment days and subject choices.

We accept applications for fee paying places into Year 12 throughout the year. 

For all Late Entry enquiries please contact the Admissions Department. 

Late Entry

Please contact our Admissions Manager, Kath Heathcote (, to discuss any individual Late Entry requirements.

Sixth Form (Year 12)

Sixth Form entry is determined by an Assessment Day, tailored to the particular subjects candidates are interested in pursuing. Once an application is made, we will be in touch with a date for assessment. Conditional offers are made to successful applicants.

How should my son prepare for his assessment?

It is best if your son arrives with an open mind, ready to respond to new ideas and challenges. He will participate in a busy day of activities that will demonstrate his potential in different areas. His ability to manipulate numbers, work with texts, think creatively, solve puzzles and interact in a group situation, are all part of the assessment process. The day is designed to bring out the best in your son.

Are sample exam papers available?

Yes, but please read the advice below. Past papers are only available for Year 7 entry and can be found in the Examination Papers within the Admissions section of this website.

We realise that sitting any entrance examination is a daunting task for a child, and MGS papers are designed to challenge the mind of any child (and parent) attempting them. However, please note that if your son is scoring 50% and over, he is well on the way to reaching the MGS entrance criteria. The exercise simply gives us a great deal of insight into how boys respond to a range of questions under pressure.

We suggest that the first set of papers is completed as a joint enterprise by you with your son. This first set may appear difficult as the style of questions is unique to MGS. However, our experience suggests that the second set, which we recommend is completed by your son first, will appear easier and much more interesting. The third set should be carried out by your son on his own and in the set time; this should start to be a reasonable target, and perhaps even fun! The fourth and fifth sets can then be used as out-and-out practice, focusing on time management and accuracy.? Note that answers are provided to help beleaguered parents!

A boy who reads, enjoys puzzles, and does these past papers is well placed for the examination. It is our experience that a boy who needs intensive coaching over and above this is unlikely to be happy here, even if he is successful.

Sample papers are not available for Junior School entry as there is no formal examination for this stage of entry. The Assessment Day will allow us to focus on how your son responds to the style and pace of teaching characteristic to MGS.

How many boys will be admitted?

We do not have a formal quota for entry to the Senior School, and so admission can therefore adjust our provision accordingly. The important question is whether or not a boy will flourish. If we believe that he will thrive here, we shall offer a place.


For further information about Fees and Fee Assistance, including Bursaries, please visit our Fees page here.

Are bursaries available?

You are welcome to apply for our means-tested bursary scheme if you apply before the bursary deadline date. This is applicable to those applying for a place in Years 3 and 4, Year 7 and for Sixth Form. Please see our Fees page here for further details. If you are applying for funding, please indicate so on the form in the applicable box.

Will there be a fee for registration for assessment?

Yes, a fee of £40 will be charged for those wishing to be assessed.