Year 7 Entry

Boys applying for entry to Year 7 attend one of our Assessment Days and also sit an Entrance Exam.

On the Assessment Day, boys are taught a Maths lesson, a topic-based lesson, and participate in a series of group activities. They also complete a piece of creative writing. It is important to note that the content and topics to be taught on Assessment Days will not reflect material a boy will have studied before. There is therefore no preparation required, or indeed possible, for the day itself. This places all boys on an equal footing.

In January, boys are then asked to attend Entrance Examination Day, on which they will sit two English papers and two Arithmetic papers. In the afternoon, they take part in one of a choice of activities (e.g. sporting, science-based, musical, outward bounds) that reflect the opportunities available to MGS pupils. Lunch is provided in between the exams and the afternoon’s activities. 

The Entrance Exam for 2023/24 is scheduled for Wednesday 17 January 2024. 

We believe strongly in the value of regarding boys as individuals instead of simply a set of statistics. As a result, the Assessment Day is an essential part of the admissions criteria. We also request a reference from each boy’s current school.

Year 7 Entry Admissions Timetable 2023/24

Monday 17 July 2023 Application Form Opens
Thursday 28 September 2023 Whole School Open Evening
Tuesday 26 September 2023

Assessment Days begin (through to early January)

Saturday 11 November 2023 Whole School Open Event
Monday 20 November 2023 Application deadline for guaranteed assessment
Wednesday 17 January 2024 Entrance Exam Day
Friday 9 February 2024 Results letters posted
Thursday 22 - Monday 26 February 2024 Post-offer tours
Tuesday 5 March 2024 Offer acceptance deadline