The Langworthy Society

Edward Langworthy, a wealthy cotton businessman, earned the title of ‘our second founder’ after he saved the School from Bankruptcy in the 1870s. It is fitting that we use his name to recognise and thank those Old Mancunians and friends who have supported MGS by leaving a gift in their will or have indicated their intention to do so in the future. 

To read the Langworthy Society's Legacy Brochure, please click here.

Current Members

Please note some members wish to remain anonymous.

*indicates legacy received.

Antony Adler*
Jon Aisbitt
Malcolm Allan
Roy Allen*
Robert Allen
Phyllis Allman*
Rakesh & Rita Anand
Donald Anderton*
Frank Andrew
Robert Arnold*
Anthony Ashton*
Peter Ashurst
Pauline Attree*
Ian Bailey*
Louie Barber*
Philip Barnes*
John Betts*
Michael Blank*
William Boardman*
Marcus Bokkerink
George Borrington*
Dennis & Joyce Bottomley*
Martin Boulton
Peter Bracewell*
Keith Bromley
John Brown*
John Buchanan
Vera Buckley*
Andrew Buckley
Simon Burch
Warwick Burton*
Henry Button*
Hedley Calderbank
Simon Caldwell
Edith Campbell*
Una Campbell*
Ron Carr
William Cartledge*
Harry Cass*
John Catlow*
Forbes Catto*
Cedric Caygill*
Malcolm Chamberlain*
Brian Clegg*
Robert Coffey*
Alan Colman
Paul Connolly*
Harold Copeman*
Bob Coupe
Jeffrey Darlington*
Nigel Davenport
Gordon Davies
Nicholas Denyer
John & May Dickinson*
Margaret Donohoe*
Cyril Doughty
Barry Downing
Sydney Downs*
Stanley Drapkin*
Gilbert Duxbury*
The Eccles Family in Memory of Hugh Eccles *
Stephen Edmondson
Ian Elliott
Arthur Ellis*
George & Edith Entwisle*
Arthur Etchells*
Peter Fallows
Kenneth Featherstone*
Harry Fidler*
David Finney
Grahame Fish
Ian Fletcher
Neville Ford
David Franks
Gwen French*
Richard & Norah Fritzsche*
Martin Gardner
Peter Gardner
Denis & Joan Gaunt*
Kevin Geary
John Gee
Allan Gilmour*
Lionel Glassey
Robert Glen*

Peter Gordon*
Ian Graymore
Barry Green
Brian Green
Eric Greenhalgh*
David Gregory
Robin Griffin
Dorothy Hall*
Gordon & Eunice Hall*
Michael Hall*
Bernard Handley*
Roger Hanna
Paul Hannah
James Hardman*
Gordon Harris*
Ralph Harrison
David Hartley
Robert Hartley
Frank Haslam
Anthony Hatton*
Gordon Heys
Brian Hickey*
Andrew Hight
Philip Hill*
Allan Hill
Margaret Hindley*
Arthur Hobson*
Anthony Hodges
Alan Hodson
Peter Holden*
Michael Holland
David Holloway
William Holt*
Douglas Holt
Ken Holt
David Howe
James Howell*
Keith Humphreys*
Herbert Isherwood*
John Jackson*
R Jackson*
Peter Jackson
David Jennings
Derek Jepson*
Philip Johnson*
John C.Q.  Johnson
John. R. Johnson
Stewart Johnson
Alan Jones
Steven Joseph
Roger Keeley
Adil Khan
Roger Kingsley*
Bernard Knowles*
Shirley Komrower*
Tony Lemon
David Lloyd*
John Loney*
Iain Lyttelton
Duncan MacAskill
Bob Mackay*
Timothy Marshall*
Peter Mason*
John McCarthy*
James McFarlane*
Wilfred Meek*
Frank Midgley
Diran Mikaelian*
Ian Millar*
James Millen*
Maude Mills*
Donald Mills
Keith Morgan*
Muriel Morrison*
Geoffrey Morton*
Alwyne Morton
Stephen Mosley
Robert Moss*
Eric Mountain*
James Muckle
Frank Murphy*
Daniel Musson

Kenneth & Evelyn Norris*
James & Margaret Norris*
David Nott
Bob Nuttall
David Odabashian*
Peter Ogden
David Oxley*
Denis Palmer*
Robert Palmer*
Geoffrey Parker*
David Peake
David Pearson
Alan Percival*
Hugh Platt*
Stewart Platts
Charles Power*
Bruce Prout-Richardson*
Peter Rees*
Andrew Richards
Michael Richardson
Alfred Ridler*
Alan Rigby*
John Rigby*
Beatrice Riley*
Thomas Riley*
Kenneth Rippon*
The Mrs K J Roberts 1967 Trust *
Peter Robertson
Noel Robinson*
Douglas Rossington*
Hubert Royle*
Anthony Rubin
Keith Rutter
Eric Saunders*
Peter Schick
Mary Schofield*
John Sennett
Bryan Shacklady
Tariq Shaikh
Ian Sharp
Donald Shasha*
Alfred Shaw*
John Shaw*
Ian Shepherd*
John Shepherdson*
John Shippen
Victor Shorrocks
Frederick Short*
David Silverman
David Simpson
Frederick Sinclair-Brown
Richard Slack
Huw Smith
Roger Stanger
Walter Stead
Vale Stevens*
Kenneth Stockdale
Brian Sutcliffe
Alan Swindells
Douglas Thomson*
John Thornley
Thomas Timmins*
Robert Timperley
Neil Tomkinson*
Brian Tomlinson
Alan Turner*
Gerald Walkden
Anthony Waring
Audrey Irene Watts Will Trust *
George Watts*
Frank Webster