The Langworthy Society

Edward Langworthy, a wealthy cotton businessman, earned the title of ‘our second founder’ after he saved the School from Bankruptcy in the 1870s. It is fitting that we use his name to recognise those Old Mancunians and supporters who wish to support MGS by leaving a gift in their will. 

We are enormously grateful that since the launch of the Langworthy Society and our most recent telephone campaign, a significant number of OMs have indicated that they intend to support the School in their will.

To read the Langworthy Society's Legacy Brochure, please click here.

Current Members

Please note some members wish to remain anonymous.

Jon Aisbitt
Malcolm Allan
Robert Allen
Rakesh & Rita Anand
Frank Andrew
Peter Ashurst
Peter Batterley
Marcus Bokkerink
Martin Boulton
Keith Bromley
John Buchanan
Andrew Buckley
Simon Burch
Hedley Calderbank
Simon Caldwell
Ron Carr
Robert Coffey
Alan Colman
Bob Coupe
Nigel Davenport
Gordon Davies
Nicholas Denyer
Cyril Doughty
Barry Downing
Stephen Edmondson
Ian Elliott
Peter Fallows
David Finney
Grahame Fish
Ian Fletcher
Neville Ford
Charles Forster
David Franks
Martin Gardner
Peter Gardner
Kevin Geary
John Gee
Lionel Glassey
David Goldberg
Peter Gordon
Ian Graymore
Barry Green
Brian Green
David Gregory
Robin Griffin
Roger Hanna
Paul Hannah
Ralph Harrison
David Hartley
Robert Hartley
Frank Haslam
Gordon Heys
Andrew Hight
Allan Hill
Anthony Hodges
John Hodson
Michael Holland
David Holloway
Douglas Holt
Ken Holt
David Howe
Peter Jackson
David Jennings
John C Q Johnson
John R Johnson
Stewart Johnson
Alan Jones
Steven Joseph
Roger Keeley
Adil Khan
Tony Lemon
Iain Lyttelton
Duncan MacAskill
Frank Midgley
Donald Mills
Alwyne Morton
Stephen Mosley
James Muckle
Daniel Musson
David Nott
Bob Nuttall
Peter Ogden
David Peake
David Pearson
Stewart Platts
Andrew Richards
Michael Richardson
Peter Robertson
Anthony Rubin
Keith Rutter
Peter Schick
John Sennett
Bryan Shacklady
Tariq Shaikh
Ian Sharp
John Shippen
Victor Shorrocks
David Silverman
David Simpson
Richard Slack
Huw Smith
Roger Stanger
Walter Stead
Kenneth Stockdale
Brian Sutcliffe
Alan Swindells
John Thornley
Robert Timperley
Brian Tomlinson
Gerald Walkden
Anthony Waring
Frank Webster
Neil Wild
David Wilkinson
Ian Wiseman
Russell Withington
Ken Woods
Brian Woolley