Art and Design

We introduce boys to visual arts and design through creative and engaging practical projects.

They explore a range of ideas and media, learn about artists, designers and movements, and develop practical skills and technical vocabulary.

We offer lunchtime workshops and after school clubs in pottery, graphics, life-drawing, painting and photography. Boys regularly exhibit work in School and in local and national competitions and exhibitions. The department manages the School gallery which has a frequently changing exhibition programme, celebrating the achievements of the boys and teachers. The space is used as an on-site educational resource and live exhibitions often show work in progress.

We pride ourselves on the variety of work and our innovative use of new media; for example, we have facilities for photographic, screen and etching printing, and use a CAD/CAM laser cutter for artwork and robotics.

Our teachers and technicians offer specialist knowledge in ceramics, painting, print-making, design, photography, jewellery and resistant materials. Our teaching staff include practising artists who have achieved national recognition for their work, and inspire boys through sharing their own practice.