Boards of Refoundation

Each year we update the major donor boards in the Quad to recognise the names of supporters and businesses who have gifted £50,000 or more to the School.

The majority of donors choose to support the Bursary Fund. Jane Blank made a donation on behalf of her late husband, Michael, to support the Learning Support Department at MGS.

We are very grateful for the support of the following major donors:

Marcus Bokkerink
Mr GD Entwisle
St George’s Hulme Church Trust
Canon FG Chavassut
Dr PH Bracewell
Gordon Harris
Julian Acratopulo
Jon Aisbitt
Robert Arnold
Andrew Dodd
Robin Forrest
Nick Gartside
Roger Naylor
Paul Ormerod
Nigel Rawding
Brian Woolley
Maurice Watkins
Leon Howard
David and Susan Hibbitt
Margaret Eleanor Donohoe
Anthony Preston
Bob Mackay
Mr ISC Campbell
Thomas Christopher Benjamin Timmins
Gordon Hall
Kui Man (Gerry) Yeung
Anthony Goulty
Tom and Eva Hinchliffe
Bernard Knowles
Alan Dean
Roger Denby-Jones
Frederick Sinclair-Brown
David and Vicky Gill
Tony Bethell
The Crawley Family
HSBC Education Programme
The Booth Family
The Zochonis Charitable Trust
Brian and Christine Daglish
Vale Stevens
The Stoller Charitable Trust
Mike and Naomi Yates
Gavin Simms and Sarah Gray
Goldman Sachs Gives
Richard & Jennifer Stark
David Marks
Jonathan Martland
Arnold Thackray
J Norman Bardsley
The Donner Family
Ray and Sheila Lester
Warwick Burton
Edward and Amanda Astle
Jane and Michael Blank
HSBC Investment Bank plc
Zochonis Charitable Trust

George Komrower
Nicholas Hytner
John Dickinson
G Ian S Bailey
Marks & Spencer plc
James and Ruth McFarlane
Alec F Elmer
James A Stott
Clive Lindemann
Alan Greatbatch
Brian Ashworth
The Sutton Trust
MGS Common Room
Old Mancunians’ Association
Old Mancunians’ Association London Section
MGS Governors
Paul and Elisabeth Lee
Jonathan and Susie Diggines
Stoller Charitable Trust
Mohammed Amin
N M Rothschild Bicentenary Award
Mike Atherton
Roger Grice
Mr and Mrs J Leggate
Alex Ferguson
The Ogden Trust
Clive Garston
William Barlow
Malcolm Ricketts
Elisabeth and Peter Batterley
Raymond W Baldwin
MGS Parents’ Society
The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
The Harrop Charitable Trust
C J Michaelsen
HSBC Global Education Trust
Stanley Fink
Garfield Weston Foundation
MGS Pupils of 2001/2002
Pannone & Partners
Frederick and Eleanor Short
Barry J Morgan
Mrs M E Morrison
Keith Booth in Memory of His Parents
Elizabeth and John Young
Brian and Christine Daglish
Giles Gleave and Gregory Tate
Charles Eric Power
Alan Shenton
Harry Cass
William O Meek
Mrs Joan Harlock
Mr G and Mrs M Rhodes
Denis and Joan Gaunt
F Michael Hall
John Catlow
Dr A Leslie Yoxall
John W A Loney
Peter M Rees
David Kevan Lloyd
Mrs M L Schofield
Mr A and Mrs O M Tyldesley
Miss Louie Mary Barber
William B Holt
The Eccles Family in Memory of Hugh Eccles

Brian and Revd Timothy J Marshall
Dr Peter H Bracewell
Mrs M Turner in Memory of Dr A H Turner
Dr George R Watts
Walter and Beatrice Riley
Professor Alan Jones
Mr RH and Mrs N Fritzsche
Mrs May Dickinson
Andrew and Sally Kay
Kenneth and Evelyn Norris
Avril and Jonny Manson
Susie and Jonathan Diggines
Simon Clarke
Philip Barnes
Bernard Handley
Peter Green
David Oxley
James and Margaret Norris
Steven Joseph in memory of John Warren
Colin J Duff
Antony J Adler
The Anwar Foundation
Neville Ford
The Margolis Family
Alan and Ian Brown
Steven O’Hare
Barney Harford
Richard Hargreaves
Peter Gordon
The Campbell Family
The Oulton Family
Paul Ponder
Roger Devlin
Robert Timperley
Don Mills and family
Joan Taylor
Peter Batterley
Alex Robinson
Peter Ogden
Daniel Rosenthal and Louis Rosenthal
Grant Mitchell
Dr Geoffrey Feldman
David Hartley
Tony Quinn
Hugh Cunliffe
Andrew and Sarah Backen
Roderick and Gillian Simpson