Religion and Philosophy

We aim to provide an understanding of the beliefs and practices of the major world religions on individual and collective moral behaviour, attitudes and lifestyle.

Through Religious Studies we encourage boys to explore the nature of religion, and to search for meaning and purpose in life by tackling the ultimate questions of human existence.
Our approach is academic, with many opportunities for boy-led investigation. Philosophical ideas are explored in discussion. We study aspects of the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, arguments for the existence of God, challenges to religious belief, ethical theories and their application to a number of different issues and situations. Boys visit places of worship, and attend conferences and events to show that religion and philosophy are not just subjects in books but are alive and kicking in 21st century Manchester. The department runs two societies: the Ethics Club for Middle School boys, discussing problems raised by everyday life from a number of different perspectives, and the Berkeley Society (one of the oldest societies in the School) for Sixth Form boys, discussing many and various philosophical issues. Both societies are organised and run by boys.
Members of the department have had books and articles published. All are specialists in the subject, enthusiastic in their teaching, and keen that boys should find Religion and Philosophy interesting, challenging and fun!