Our Aims


The Manchester Grammar School was founded in 1515 ‘to educate the poor boys of Manchester in Godliness and good learning.’ Today we interpret this in the following ways:

  • We offer an education that enables our pupils to lead rich and fulfilled lives beyond their time at the School, but also instils in them the importance of making a positive impact on their community and society more widely.
  • We want to ensure that access to the School is not governed solely by the ability to pay fees and we provide a significant number of places to those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, including looked after children.



  • We aim to be at the forefront of educational practice, to ensure that we maintain our position as one of the Country’s leading academic schools.
  • We want to grow our bursary provision with the aim that we achieve needs blind admission at some point in our future.



  • To develop and deliver a rich and broad curriculum that prepares pupils for their future lives.
  • To build a caring community of pupils and staff who value each other and celebrate difference.
  • To ensure that bursary provision is given due prominence in terms of its growth and application.
  • To be a lead proponent of the use of technology in education through the development and sharing of best practice.



  • Scholarship. Learn to think for yourself, learn to think creatively and develop a life-long love of learning and in keeping with the School’s moto, ‘Sapere Aude’, develop the courage to use the understanding you gain from your education.
  • Individuality. Feel valued as an individual, and value the individuality of others.
  • Kindness. Develop an awareness of the needs of others and treat every member of our community with respect.
  • Resilience. Learn to cope when things don’t go well and learn to bounce back after setbacks.
  • Service. Develop a true sense of service to your community and wider society.