We have one of the largest Classics departments in the country, teaching Latin, Greek, Gratin (our very own combined Latin and Greek course), Classical Civilisation and some Ancient History.

These are subjects taught at few other schools, but ones enjoyed immensely by boys throughout the School.

In Year 7 boys follow our very own highly successful course, Hellenica, to study the Trojan War, the tales of Odysseus, the Persian Wars and the Greek alphabet. We introduce Latin in Year 8 using the Cambridge Latin Course, a leading modern course that was pioneered at MGS. By the time boys leave Lower School, they have a solid grounding in their Classical heritage.

In the Middle School, as well as being able to continue with Latin, boys can take up Classical Greek, a subject offered in very few other schools. Boys choose to study Latin and Greek either as separate subjects, or in a combined Gratin course. We also offer GCSE Classical Civilisation, where boys study the history and literature of the Greeks and Romans in translation. Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation can all be studied in the Sixth Form.

The Classics Society, run by older boys, meets weekly as boys, staff and outside speakers present talks on topics of interest from the classical world. We enter a local Latin Scrabble tournament, and so the boys train weekly ready for this event. In addition to this, there are regular Latin Countdown sessions where teams can demonstrate their linguistic and mathematical prowess. There are further activities on offer beyond the classroom, such as quizzes and competitions. One particular highlight is our annual Latin Reading Competition in which each of the Year 8 forms enter a team; togas, wigs and, on occasions, make-up are in evidence as the boys invariably throw themselves into their roles with gusto.

Outside School, trips are also organised to the theatre, as well as classical sites in the UK such as Hadrian's Wall, Chester and York. In addition the department runs an overseas trip each year to Greek and Roman sites abroad. The destinations on our itinerary are Greece, Italy, France, Turkey, Sicily, Egypt and Tunisia. 

Members of the department stage classical productions in the School’s excellent drama facilities; recent productions have included Euripides’ Alcestis, Plautus’ Menaechmi, and Aristophanes’ The Frogs.

We have a strong record of success in public examinations, and at Oxbridge and other leading universities; we pride ourselves equally on achieving academic success and on an exciting and inspirational approach to the subject.