Freedom of Choice

We provide a strong, traditional academic curriculum which seeks to develop our pupils through challenging them. Experience tells us that this approach works well.

Making the right academic choices

Our principle in adopting any course is to ensure that it will provide a level of challenge which will stimulate our boys and prepare them well for higher level study. For this reason, we prepare boys for highly regarded International GCSE examinations (IGCSEs) in most subjects. IGCSEs are more traditional in format and allow more time to be spent on teaching and learning than GCSE courses. In the Sixth Form, boys are prepared for A-level, International A-level or Pre-U qualifications. In each subject we choose the course which will provide the best preparation for university study.  The Pre-U is a rigorous qualification developed by leading independent schools, and is highly regarded by universities.

The right choice for the individual

The range of subjects we offer is wide, and there is considerable flexibility of choice, allowing boys to develop their strengths and pursue their particular interests. For example, the passionate linguist can study as many as four languages for IGCSE.

We currently prepare boys for public examinations in the following subjects:

Art and Design English Language Mandarin Russian
Biology Electronics Mathematics Spanish
Chemistry French Mathematics (Further)  
Classical Greek German Music  
Classical Civilisation Geography Philosophy  
Drama History Physics  
Economics Italian Politics  
English Literature Latin Religious Studies  

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