The 500 Club

With over 400 members, the 500 Club is one of the main fund-raising activities of the Parents' Society.

We hold 3 draws throughout the year, at Christmas, Easter and summer. Members pay a subscription of £15 a year and are then included in each draw. We aim to give back 50% of the proceeds from subscriptions as prize money to our club members; the remaining 50% is retained by the MGSPS to contribute towards projects in school which benefit the boys.

Prizes typically range from £50 to £200, and winners are notified by post or email. The more people who join, the bigger and better the prizes we are able to offer, but perhaps - more importantly - the more money we raise, the more we are able to provide for funding projects.

In the past 5 years, over £15,000 has been distributed as prize money.

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