Gender Pay Gap Report


The Manchester Grammar School Gender Pay Gap Report

As an employer with more than 250 employees, the School is required by law to carry out Gender Pay Gap Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The data is published both on the Government website for gender pay reporting and here on our own website.

Using the hourly rates of pay of all male and female employees, the School has a mean pay gap of 15.38%, and a median pay gap of 17.36%.

The percentage of male and female employees in each pay quartile are as follows:

  Male Female
  % %
Upper Quartile 65.33 34.67
Upper Middle Quartile 50.00 50.00
Lower Middle Quartile 35.14 64.86
Lower Quartile 36.00 64.00


Difference in mean bonus pay is 100% and the difference in median bonus pay is 100%. 0.69% of male employees received a bonus. 0.00% of female employees received a bonus.