Lost Property

The system for dealing with lost property is run by volunteers from the Parents' Society.

The porters 'sweep' the School for lost uniform, bags, sports equipment etc at the end of the each day. A team of volunteers sorts through the pile of lost items, and we have a well-established system for returning those items that are named to their owners. Items of uniform which are not labelled or claimed are in due course sold at our second-hand uniform sales, whilst non-uniform items are given to charity. Each year, we give about 80 bin-liners full of clothes/bags to various charities.

We have a wonderful team of dedicated parents who sort through lost property every holiday. It normally takes no more than 2 hours and is much more fun than it sounds! We have a good chat and nearly always find something we didn't realise our own sons had lost. If you would like to join us in a sorting session, we would love to meet you.

Contact Karen Murthy ( for further information or if you have any questions about lost property.