A message from our Catering Manager, Richard Palombella.

RppicIt has been estimated that we have more than 6,000 thoughts a day.

If you think for a moment about the word ‘lunch’, some of those 6,000 thoughts may turn to a warming bowl of homemade soup and a hunk of bread, a delicious superfood salad, or even a Michelin-style business lunch in a swanky restaurant. Now, if you direct some of those thoughts to ‘school lunches’, what do you think of? School dinners? Scenes from the musical Oliver!? Overcooked, lukewarm, inedible stodge?

At MGS, we think a lot about food. Lunchtime breaks up our days, and it’s a time to rest and refuel between lessons, have a break in a busy day, catch up friends, or take part in an activity. At MGS, the people who think the most about food are Catering Manager Richard Palombella and his team, who strive to make lunchtimes a highlight of the day by bringing the fine-dining skills they have gained from working in Manchester’s top hotels and restaurants to MGS, to ensure that boys have delicious, nutritious, freshly prepared food every day.


  • MGS Catering provides more than 1,500 school meals every day over two units within the School campus.
  • We hold a 5* rating from the Environmental Health Agency for food safety, and all catering staff are fully trained in food preparation, food safety, safety at work and allergy awareness.
  • We have a Catering School Council to provide valuable feedback so we can keep improving and innovating.
  • And because MGS Catering is wholly operated by MGS, our primary focus is always the health and wellbeing of our young people.

At MGS Catering, we understand that proper nutrition is linked with academic success. Our enthusiastic and forward-thinking team of chefs, managers and food service assistants has a whole-school approach to food and nutrition.


We take pride in our food preparation and menu development to produce delicious homemade meals using British-grown and produced foods. All our meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy and bakery products are sourced locally from high quality suppliers and artisan producers that we inspect regularly.


All school meals are cooked from scratch in our cutting-edge facilities. We make all our own sauces and even our own spice mixes!. We are always on the lookout for new ways of cooking and presenting food and have a regularly changing menu that features international cuisine, theme days, vegetarian choices and innovative new ideas with tried and trusted favourites.  

Our latest menus are as follows:

Junior School - Week One

Junior School - Week Two

Junior School - Week Three

Refectory - Week One

Refectory - Week Two

Refectory - Week Three

Pavilion - Week One

Pavilion - Week Two

Pavilion - Week Three

Dessert Menu - Week One

Dessert Menu - Week Two 


For any questions about MGS Catering, contact Richard Palombella (