The Bexwyke Society

The current cost of endowing a bursary place in perpetuity is £400,000, a sum which we expect to produce an annual investment return equivalent to a school fee. Those individuals endowing one or more places will have their name inscribed on the Boards of Refoundation and be invited to be recognised as a member of the Bexwyke Society.

The Bexwyke family made a substantial contribution to the School's original endowment fund along with Hugh Oldham. It is fitting therefore that we use the Bexwyke family name to recognise those Old Mancunians and friends that have made a substantial gift to the School, equivalent to endowing a bursary place in perpetuity.

We are hugely grateful to members of the Bexwyke Society.

Antony Adler (45-51)
Mohammed Amin (former parent)
John Catlow (25-32)
Andrew Dodd (83-90)
Gordon Harris (former staff 53-88)
John and Janet Lancaster (Friends of the School)
Marks and Spencer plc
N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd
Alan Rigby (35-42)
The Esmee Fairburn Foundation
John Young (68-75)
Edith Campbell (former parent)
Vale Stevens (30-34)

Robert Arnold (75-82)

John Dickinson (33-39)

Joan Harlock (Friend of the School)


David Lloyd (42-49)

Carl Michaelsen (former parent)

Peter Rees (32-34)

James Stott (50-55)

Maurice Watkins (52-60)

Albert Yoxall (25-33)

David Hibbitt (55-62)

Stoller Charitable Trust