MGS Global Connect

We are immensely grateful to the growing number of Old Mancunians who are supporting careers at MGS by providing work placements, speaking at careers events or offering advice and support as a mentor through MGS Global Connect.

What is MGS Global Connect?

MGS Global Connect is a digital platform powered by the company Gravyty, the leading provider of online software designed for alumni networking and career support. Gravyty’s core product is an alumni-focused social networking platform that has been adopted by more than 1000 schools and universities around the world, including Harvard and the University of Oxford. MGS is a proud early adopter of this platform, having signed with Gravyty (previously Graduway) in 2015. We have been utilising and growing this platform with our alumni community ever since.

How does MGS Global Connect work?

Unlike other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, MGS Global Connect is an ‘invitation only’ digital platform/directory, exclusive to MGS alumni and 6th Form pupils. All alumni profiles on the platform are verified, vetted, and approved by our Development Office. In other words, there are no strangers in this online community. The platform allows users to look up, request mentorship from, and keep in touch with over 5,000 MGS alumni in over 50 countries, who are working in countless universities and industries around the world. 

What happens after leaving MGS?

When our Owls fly the nest, 6th formers (now Old Mancunians) can choose to keep their profiles on the platform for as long as they wish, along with thousands of other active alumni users already on the site. In short, MGS Global Connect is a resource that is available to our alumni for life, as they move to new cities, attend university, change jobs and careers. It is a constant source of support, mentorship, networking, and career guidance for years to come.