We encourage awareness of the landscape around us, as well as recognition of how the environment may influence our lives and how people may influence the environment for better or worse.

Life in Britain is contrasted with that in other countries to enable our boys to understand the problems facing less economically developed nations.

We teach key geographical skills, including data collection in the field, and full use is made of ICT to enhance geographical knowledge through satellite images and geographical information systems.

Boys in Lower School develop skills in map work and weather forecasting, and study climate, rocks, landscape and eco-systems. Contemporary issues such as geographical conflict, ethical trade and globalisation are also introduced. In Middle School, topics studied include: coasts, hazards, settlement, environmental management and economic activity. Boys carry out practical fieldwork in Manchester and North Wales. Sixth Form Geographers likewise carry out fieldwork and study topics as diverse as the impact of tourism and flood management.

Outside lessons boys are able to join our Junior and Senior Geographical Societies, and Sixth Formers attend meetings of the Manchester Geographical Association. All boys are encouraged to deliver talks at such events, or to contribute geographical articles to our own publication, MGS Geographical Magazine.

Our team has regularly won the annual Geographical Association Worldwise quiz.