Bee In The City

Posted on: June 18th 2018School News


Written by Lisa Murphy 

A colony of giant Bee sculptures are winging their way to the streets of Manchester this summer, and thanks to the fantastic MGS Art Department, we are proud to call one of the Bees our own. 

Wild in Art and Manchester City Council are bringing all of Manchester’s communities together for 'Bee in the City', one of the most spectacular public art events the city has ever seen.

From July 23 until September, more than 100 Bees are waiting to be discovered on a free, family-fun trail, taking in the city’s landmarks and undiscovered gems. 

Each Bee has been designed by a different artist and celebrates the unique buzz of Manchester, from its industrial heritage to its vibrant music scene, and we are delighted and proud that the MGS Art Department has its own Bee which will displayed for everyone to see. 

Back in 2004, I painted a cow in the depARTment which was displayed with Vivienne Westwood’s in St Anne’s Square as part of Cow Parade, so we were keen to get involved in the 'Bee in the City' project.

We ran a competition for pupils to submit designs and had over 100 entries. Our boys generated fantastic ideas, but the winner encapsulated the spirit of Manchester as a creative city and would be appropriately educational. Our Year 7 winner had the concept of sharing Manchester firsts and inventions. Our eager artist knew to submit some of his research, featuring Graphene and the Flying Shuttle.  

As we entered exam season, we we were nervous about the timescale of the task ahead but our artist and I commissioned others to get involved in the drawing, painting, spray work and all important research! 

The Bee was delivered to the Hive’ depot and will wing its way to a special location in the city for the Summer. We hope you enjoy it, you may even discover something new from our education bee about Manchester and it’s rich history.