Angus donates more than 400 hours of time to help others

Posted on: September 18th 2019School News

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For many pupils, the summer holidays is quite rightly a time to relax and unwind after an intensive year at School. But for Year 8 pupil Angus Rawson, it was an opportunity to give something back to the community.

The MGS Service Pledge was introduced for Lower and Middle School pupils, encouraging them to volunteer between five and 10 hours of their time in service to others. The concept of 'service', and of helping those in need, is part of the time-honoured traditions here at MGS and goes right back to the start of our 500-year history. To complete their service pledge, boys have engaged in a variety of different activities, such as volunteering at a nursing home, helping vulnerable and elderly adults with their shopping, litter picking, helping out at a homeless shelter, and many more. 

And Angus took it to the next level over the holidays, giving up more than 400 hours - more than 16 full days - to help out on a local farm.

He said: " I have worked on a farm over the holiday. I didn’t do it for the service pledge, I did it for fun, but then I realised it would count. I did over 400 hours on the farm, and some days started at 6.30am in the morning, but normally at 8am.

"I started by sorting potatoes and I worked long hours. I worked in all weathers to get the job done. The farm is located in between Pwtheli and Abersoch, in South Wales. On the farm we supply potatoes to the local fish and chip shops. We also have sheep and cows that we sell for meat. The reason I decided to start working on the farm is that it is such a unique farm and I love the outdoors, animals and mechanical equipment. That’s the reason I spend my holidays on the farm!”

Well done, Angus!