The Magic of New Beginnings

Posted on: October 21st 2020School News

Starting at a new school is an exciting time, but it can also be a daunting one. At MGS, we make every effort to ensure boys settle in as quickly as possible, and feel safe and happy. But rather than hearing from a teacher about what we do, we asked a few MGS boys who started in Year 3 in the past academic year to tell you, in their own words, what it is like to start at MGS.

Cillian Kilheeney, 7Cillian


MGS is such a big school that I felt like an ant when I arrived, but everyone was really friendly and by the end of my first day I was smiling.

There were loads of activities to do before school, at lunch and after school. On Friday afternoons, we did options instead of lessons. I did building bridges, dynamic dance, violin and the Hugh Oldham Award (like a mini-Duke of Edinburgh Award) where I got to cook marshmallows on a fire!

In Year 3, I represented the School playing football, rugby and hockey. I really enjoyed swimming lessons in the pool and learning how to dive. My highlights of Year 3 are singing in the Christmas concert and playing a rat in the Pied Piper. How can I forget my favourite thing about MGS - the burgers, pizza and chocolate rice crispy cakes for lunch are the best!

I feel so lucky to be able to go to such a great school and have such great teachers!

Dan Blackburn, 8


DANI really enjoyed my first year at MGS. I was very nervous on the my first day, but once I was there, my nerves disappeared.

The teachers are all kind and friendly, and I made friends very quickly in class.

I love the School lunches, especially chocolate cake for pudding! I enjoy all my lessons. All the extra-curricular clubs I did were fun. I took General Knowledge Quiz, Quiz Club, Chess, Hockey, Traditional Board Games, Football, Craft Club and Boggle. I also represented the School in football, rugby, hockey and swimming.

I was only in school until March 20, and then the country went into lockdown due to Covid-19. It was great having remote learning. I got to speak to the other boys in my class, and my teacher, online, every day.

Harry Dobkin, 8


HarrydobkinThe Junior School has a brilliant atmosphere and the teachers are friendly and kind. I always want to do my best and try to get as many commendations as I can.

My favourite subjects are Maths and Games. I have loved the sports at MGS and have played in the football, rugby, swimming and hockey teams. I like Maths because we are always learning new things and I can see how much I am improving.

The clubs at school have been astonishing, as there are so many to choose from.

During lockdown, I have been able to talk to all my friends and teachers on Microsoft Teams and we have done quizzes and chats together, which have been great. I love everything about MGS!

Zachary Glew, 7


ZachOn my first day I was excited to put on my new uniform, but I felt a little bit nervous driving to school.  However, I didn’t need to be because all the teachers were really kind.

The best thing about this year were all the different clubs – I’ve done Boggle, Table Tennis, Choir, Rugby and Football, and lots of Chess before school! 

Sport has also been really fun and it was so exciting to go to the Manchester City FC training ground and win the tournament against different schools.  I also had a tiring, but satisfying and very muddy, cross country race just before lockdown.

Despite lockdown, it has still been a brilliant first year at MGS and I’m really looking forward to Year 4!

Aidan Lam, 8


AidanlamOn my first day at MGS, I felt excited but also nervous. Everything was new, but soon I began to make friends.

The dinners were the best because you can choose the food you want.

My favourite lesson is Maths - we learnt the times tables up to 12, and I can do them off by heart. I also liked the football fixtures because I got to play different schools, and we even went to the Etihad Stadium!

I also enjoyed home school. We had meetings with the teachers everyday on Microsoft Teams and I learned how to use my computer to do my work. 

I really enjoyed Year 3 - the teachers were really kind and nice - and I can’t wait for Year 4!

Yahya Ranjha, 8,


YahyaranjaOn my first day at MGS, I was a little apprehensive and immensely excited. I had heard so many amazing stories of MGS from my elder brother.   

During my first year at MGS, I have made lots of good friends and my teachers are very kind and make learning a lot of fun.  

MGS offers a fantastic range of clubs, before school, at lunch time and after school. There is something for everyone! I started playing violin after I had the chance to try it in Options.

Due to Covid-19, I could not complete Year 3 at school. At first I was distraught not being able to attend school and see my friends, however our teachers set up a brilliant distance learning schedule. The highlight for me was the online Sports Day and it was great to see photos and videos of my friends on Teams.

Despite lockdown, I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at MGS – I love it!