Music Festival 2023

Posted on: February 3rd 2023School News

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Well done to everyone who participated in the annual MGS Music Festival – over 250 pupils took part in various categories, ranging from Beginner Strings to Advanced Woodwind and many more.

Year 7 pupil Cameron described his passion: “I love music. Having been learning piano for almost six years and cello for two years, I’d say music has become a major part of my life. Recently, I achieved Trinity LTCL Diploma on piano performance and grade 8 music theory. I’ve always dreamed of being a concert pianist. I like to going to and giving concerts very much. It’s amazing to see so many of us taking part in the school music festival to share the gift of music. I feel really blessed to have so many musician friends around the whole school”.

Year 9 pupil Owen spoke about his participation in the annual event: “Ever since I started attending the music festival in year 5, it has been a yearly tradition for me to participate and perform to the best of my abilities. The first festival I attended was a landmark in my musical journey, as it marked my first performance in front of a live audience. It gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my passion, leading me to perform at various events such as at my church and even playing at the junior school in front of my past self.

“The beauty of the music festival is that it caters to all levels of musical abilities, providing a supportive platform for anyone who wants to explore their musical potential. I've seen pupils who had never played an instrument before, take the stage with confidence, and perform at the top of their class after just a few months of practice. The festival also offers valuable feedback from professional musicians, allowing musicians to refine their skills and grow in their musical pursuits. Whether you've just learned to play Happy Birthday or are working towards your grade 8, the music festival is a great way to get yourself stuck into music and performing.  Overall, it has been a useful stepping stone for my musical journey and has given me the confidence to continue to where I am now, working towards my grade 6 and hopefully even more”.

Year 10 pupil Taran spoke about the different musical opportunities: “I play the guitar at the advanced group for my solo piece as well as playing in the ensemble with 4 guitarists. The ensemble was extremely interesting to learn however it was quite challenging synchronising everyone’s parts. Although we did not win this competition it was a great experience and a perfect rehearsal for the Rhineland trip later in the year. Although we do have some improvements to make, the overall piece is sounding quite good and I can see this ensemble being very successful in the future. In regards to my solo piece I came second which I was very happy about considering this is my first year playing in the advanced level. The song I played was called Akaskero and it was very relaxing and enjoyable to play. The music festival was a great experience and it was nice listening to what the others had to play as well as perform myself. In the future I would like to play some more advanced songs and play in a few more concerts. I am looking forward to the music tour to the Rhineland in July, as well as the recital class and the guitar concert!”

Year 10 pupil Elliott said: “I started learning piano at the age of 6 and liked it straight away. I came to MGS at the start of Year 9 and immediately I felt that Music plays a big part in the school’s co-curricular activities. Last year, I also entered the Music Festival but didn’t manage to win the event. I was not well-prepared enough; I was quite nervous and made a memory slip during my performance. However, I really enjoyed participating in it because I can listen to my schoolmates playing pieces at similar levels and learn from them. This year, I entered the school Music Festival again with the hope to enjoy the experience and learn from others. This time I was much more prepared, I worked on memorising the piece but didn’t expect to win anything as there are lots of very good pianists in the school. I was relaxed and played quite well in my performance and got the first place which I am delighted about. In the future, I hope to learn more pieces from different composers and explore different types of pieces. There are a few pieces that I often listen to and really like, I would like to learn them soon. I also hope to attend more performances and festivals so that I can learn to stay relaxed and enjoy the piece while playing in front of audience and not feeling nervous”.

Year 12 pupil Costi commented about his experiences: “The last note from the previous piece rings and resonates throughout the room before I’m called up to not just sing but perform. The incessant beating of the heart doesn’t stop before I get up to do so. Even though it’s only a slight change in physical position and direction, the dynamic of M1 suddenly changes when you’re now both literally and socially above everyone and you know they are all looking at you, patiently yet excitedly waiting for the trickling of notes and lyricism from your mouth and soul. Even though the piece I was doing was rehearsed thoroughly (both in singing lessons and screamed at 6am or midnight), the adrenaline coursing through my veins made the piece even more ethereal, and sufficiently quenched the thirst of my dreams. To catch a smile or a laugh as I feel like I’m truly entertaining not just myself, but other people must be one of the greatest sensations known to humanity.

“Admittedly, I’m being narcissistic here. More than anything else, seeing that same event play out before every performance was the largest joy. Even though it was a friendly event, everyone really gave it their all which was simultaneously incredibly impressive and terrifying. How was anyone supposed to follow anyone else up? I couldn’t tell you. Really, anyone could’ve been the winner and runner-up and it would’ve been justifiable. I don’t know if I will study Music in university or will retain it as a co-curricular activity, but the main hope is I get to sing and perform in any facet until the day I no longer can because it is the only way I am able to retain my sanity as it stands, and hopefully will do the same in whatever I decide to do in the future”.

Well done everyone!

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