Christian Union Supper 2023

Posted on: February 9th 2023School News

Christian Union Supper 1

On Saturday 4th February, MGS held the first ever Christian Union dinner.

Year 13 pupil Benjamin spoke about his experiences of the event: "We had over 60 guests attending, and they all very much enjoyed themselves, as many told us afterwards that they are looking forward to the next one. On the night we had a whole variety of events, which included a delicious meal – the caterers definitely pulled out all the stops for it. On each table we had a brilliant mix of pupils, families, and staff, and this led to some great conversations as we all got to know each other a little better.

"We had some fantastic music from two of the boys at MGS, Yoonjae (Year 12) and Riccardo (Year 10), who kindly performed for us. We were also honoured to have the High Master himself speak to us about the history of Christianity and religion at MGS, and we appreciate his support very much. There was also plenty of time for chat and games, and I myself enjoyed a few rounds of Exploding Kittens (a card game similar to Russian roulette, but with cats) with boys of a range of ages right from the Junior school to Y13, and as the adults seemed to enjoy the quiz we made, there was something for everyone to take part in.

"We were fortunate enough to have a brilliant speaker, the Reverend David Whitehouse, giving a short talk – Old Mancunian (81-88), and he spoke to us about his time at MGS, and about his own journey from MGS to being the vicar of St. Andrew’s church in Leyland. He focused on what it means to fit in, and how it takes courage to stand out from everyone else because of what you believe; it encouraged me a lot, and made me realise that the effort we had put into organising this dinner was worth it, to show people that as a CU we are a part of the MGS community, even if it means standing out and being different. Speaking of, part of why we ran this event was to make people aware that MGS does indeed have a Christian Union, as in the past we haven’t really made ourselves known. Currently we meet on a Tuesday lunchtime in P12 to catch up, play games, and get stuck into God’s word together, and since I’ve been in Year 7 I’ve made friends from all different year groups, and had a lot of fun through it – If you happen to read this, and you’re a Christian at MGS, or if you aren’t but are curious, why not come and find out more about Jesus with us, we’d love to see you there".

Well done to everyone who was involved in the event and we look forward to the event in 2024 and beyond!