Munich Air Disaster commemoration

Posted on: February 24th 2023School News

Kai Jaume Tunde

Three pupils from The Manchester Grammar School were fortunate to be part of the commemoration which marked the 65th anniversary of the Munich 1958 Air Disaster.

Year 8 pupils Kai, Jaume and Tunde were part of the U13 Manchester United team who travelled to Germany to mark the moment in history, when 23 people were killed in the plane crash. The British European Airways Flight 609 crashed while trying to take off from Munich Airport in the snow and ice.

Kai spoke about his experiences: “Firstly, we landed in Munich, and we had a look around the city and saw some fascinating buildings including a stage from which Hitler gave a very famous speech during World War 2. On the following day, we went to Bayern Munich Academy and played a 90-minute match against them including an 8-6 win. Later in the day, we explored further areas of Munich, and then exchanged scarfs with the people of Munich for the remembrance of the Busby Babes. Finally on the last day of the visit, we went to the memorial site where we took part in the event where thousands of Manchester United fans had also gathered. It was a very special event, and it was the first time I had ever seen so much raw emotion. We finished the visit with a tour of the Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich's stadium). That ended this incredible experience which taught me a lot”.

Jaume retold his feelings from the day: “It was a silent exit off the bus. Here we were, stood outside waiting in the nail-biting cold, at first unaware of the heart-felt passion put into this memorial. Then, the sound of thousands of emotional individuals singing their hearts out became enough to send shivers down your spine. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, which did not disappoint. It was a sheer honour to attend and I would not miss the chance to go again, especially with all of my friends and coaches”.

The Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation led the service as they work to preserve the legacy of the Munich 1958 Disaster and ensuring that this legacy is handed on to future generations. The memorial at Manchesterplatz in Germany has become the focal point of remembrance to those who died in the disaster.

Well done to the pupils who conducted themselves so professionally throughout this historical visit!