Year 11 pupil Enoch awarded Distinction in Trinity LTCL Piano Recital

Posted on: September 8th 2023School News

Enoch Wong 1

Congratulations to year 11 pupil Enoch who was awarded a Distinction for the Trinity LTCL Piano Recital. This is a fantastic achievement for Enoch as it is comparable to the final year of an undergraduate degree in relation to the level of demand required from the performance.

Enoch spoke about his experiences: “I am overjoyed for the result that I got a distinction to my LTCL piano recital. Preparing for the recital was a rigorous and challenging process, but it was an incredibly rewarding experience.  I believe that hard work will always bring fruitful results, and the fruitful results will be worth the hard work.  I think it is important to remind ourselves that a daunting task can be finished inevitably through slowly working day by day.  This achievement is a testament of my dedication and it will inspire me to improve.  I am very honoured to achieve this, and very grateful for the people who have supported me throughout my musical journey”.

He added: “The School provides a lot of learning opportunities for boys learning their musical instruments, and I would like to thank my teachers for their unwavering supports throughout the year.  The School also provides performing opportunities for boys, which I would like to thank the school teachers for giving students chances in performing”.

Well done Enoch from everyone at MGS!