Geographer of the Year 2023

Posted on: September 27th 2023School News

Geographer of the Year competition 3

Congratulations to the following pupils who are the winners of the MGS Young Geographer of the Year competition.

Zain A, Rohan I, Bon W, Cruz Y (year 8)

Aadam S, Aarav G (year 9)

Owen A, Aska F, Arnav S, Sebastian S (year 10)

Their entries will be sent on to the RGS Competition, which looks for innovative ideas to address problems in areas such as food production and supply, energy and sustainability, water security, resources, population growth, economic crisis, transport, travel, urbanisation, risk management, trade, environmental management, biodiversity and more

Year 8 pupil Zain said: “I chose to enter this Geography competition as the topic was to design a blueprint for the future. This really struck a chord with me so I decided to write about the climate crisis. I believe that this is a major threat to humanity and the world in which we live in and by creating a poster about it, I could be able to highlight the threat so that more people acknowledge it and so that more people can hopefully contribute to making a sustainable future for all.”

Year 8 pupil Rohan commented: “My experience for the Young Geographer of The Year competition was very enjoyable as there was much room for creativity. It was also enlightening knowing that if we all tried, we could fix the economy and climate. The creativity for the blueprint could be expanded into many paths but I chose to focus on things like environmental issues because things like these can be very bewildering to why everyone’s main/first priority is to repair things like this. I found it very expressive as, in case, I had full control over what could happen and resolutions. This poster was very fun and I enjoyed the process of its creation very much”.

Year 8 pupil Cruz spoke about his experiences: “Creating the poster about ways to create renewable energy and future ways of transport has made me think more about how our daily life are being effected by the amount of CO2 is being released into the air. As the greenhouse gases increases in numbers, it causes the average temperature to increase. As I researched about ways to slow the rate of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, it allowed me to delve deep into the world of sustainable energy. It made me feel the need to promote the use of sustainable energy. As I designed the project, I felt a sense of responsibility to engage and educate others, to encourage them to make the world more cleaner”.

Year 10 pupil Rohan said: “I enjoyed making this poster as I was able to talk about major issues in the world like renewable energy. One of my ideas was about powering homes or even neighbourhoods with our own bodies. This idea came around from cooling for computers and how high-end computers are cooled by water. This is done by transferring the heat from a computer to water and then you can dissipate that water and cool it back down. This can be applied to homes by putting copper pipes in walls and the heat coming off our bodies can boil water this can then turn a generator to power a home or neighbourhood and even connect houses together for more heat. This means that you can just passively release energy to power your home without doing anything. I took pride in this, even though I didn't believe I would be entered into the competition, I was still passionate about the project and took pride in it”.

Year 10 pupil Arnav related his experiences: “The competition allowed me to learn more about the topics that I enjoyed as well as further my understanding of geography. I liked the fact that I could present my work in my own unique way, and I had the opportunity to be creative. Creating the poster itself was a fun experience where I could work on something with which I was curious about. This also gave me the opportunity to build on what we already covered in lessons and learn about certain areas in more detail, which I found interesting. I think the experience is very enjoyable and I would do more posters like this in the future”.

Geographer of the Year competition 4