Year 12 pupil Tej Highly Commended in Oxbright Competition

Posted on: November 24th 2023School News

Tej Venigalla 1

Congratulations to year 12 pupil Tej who entered the OxBright Essay Competition and was Highly Commended. Over 1000 pupils entered this competition, and only a select number of pupils in the top 20% received a Highly Commended award. The OxBright Essay Competition was set up to “give pupils the chance to think about the future, challenge themselves beyond the school curriculum, and consider their subject through a wider lens”.

Tej spoke about his experiences: “Engaging in the Oxbright Essay Competition proved to be a profound exploration of strategies aimed at mitigating crisis-induced economic damage through the prism of long-term thinking. The central premise of my essay revolved around the strategic harnessing of long-term perspectives in economic decision-making, with a keen focus on tangible applications to lessen the impact of unforeseen crises. In particular, one part of my essay centred on the proposition of diversifying supply chains as a key mechanism to fortify economic resilience. Using real-world examples such as the Russia-Ukraine war and the COVID-19 pandemic, I underscored the imperative of mitigating vulnerabilities inherent in concentrated supply chains. My main point was that diversified and robust supply chain strategy can act as a buffer, minimizing the ripple effects of geopolitical conflicts or global pandemics on the UK economy.

“The Russia-Ukraine conflict and the subsequent economic ramifications provided a recent case study. By illustrating how overdependence on specific regions for crucial resources can amplify the economic fallout, I argued for the implementation of measures to diversify sourcing. This would not only mitigate the immediate impact of geopolitical crises but also foster long-term economic stability by creating a more adaptable and resilient economic ecosystem”.

He added: “The COVID-19 pandemic served as another compelling illustration of the vulnerability of global supply chains. Emphasizing the disruptions caused by the pandemic, my essay advocated for a re-evaluation of supply chain structures to accommodate unforeseen shocks. Proposing a shift towards decentralized and diversified supply networks, I argued that this approach would better insulate the UK economy from the systemic shocks experienced during widespread crises. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed doing the competition, and was pleased with being Highly Commended.”