The magic of new beginnings - Griwan

Posted on: January 7th 2019School News


Starting at a new school is an exciting time, but it can also be a daunting one for both pupils and parents. Here at MGS, we make every effort to ensure boys settle in as quickly as possible, and feel safe and happy. But rather than hearing from a teacher about what we do, over the next few weeks, will be hearing from MGS boys who started in Years 3 and 7 this academic year who will tell you, in their own words, what it is like to start at MGS.

Griwan, Year 3

When I was at the car park of the School, my heart was thumping because I was nervous. Then I saw loads of other boys of my age going for their first day as well, and I stopped being nervous and my heart went pitter-patter with excitement. I loved the food in the lunch hall and when I went home, I told my parents it was the best sausage and mash ever! So I settled in really well, I think.

In this term, there were loads of exciting competitions. The School Council one was the first one and I came third. When I got home, I told my parents about it and they were really impressed. My favourite one was the conker competition. I had loads of fun decorating conkers to make them look like Mr. Men.

My favourite subject used to be Maths, but then I had so much fun in Science and Geography doing experiments.

It has been very easy making new friends. I made new friends by playing with them at playtime and helping them with their work.

I am looking forward to performing chemistry experiments and playing for the MGS football team. I hope I can do it as soon as possible!