The Magic of New Beginnings - Pierce

Posted on: November 12th 2019School News


Continuing our feature about life as an MGS boy, today we hear from Pierce, who changed schools and joined the MGS Junior School last year: 

I decided to change schools to MGS because the sports facilities are outstanding.  Every day I play a different sport and get the chance to experience a sport I’ve never tried before.  I enjoy the sports fixtures and regularly represent the school’s A team for football, swimming, hockey and rugby.

The size of the campus is exciting for me, as we get to explore and experience different environments and rooms.  

My teachers are very reliable and kind, and I admire this.  The opportunity we’ve all been given to experience leadership, independence and to have fun means a lot to me.

The food at lunchtime is very tasty and every day we have the option to try different dishes.   On Friday we enjoy fish, chips, sausage and beans and the lunch ladies are very nice.

I admire this school as I love being around smart, grateful boys and we all have lots in common as share the same values.  I’ve made some lifelong fantastic friends at MGS and we go to each other’s houses on the weekends.

Homework is hard but it pushes us to the limit and helps grow my brain. I never get told off, and I always get motivated and inspired by Miss Dillon.

You’ll be given opportunities to speak in front of a massive crowd.  For example, at the language event, the rugby event, the School play and the class assembly.  This helps me feel independent, confident and to get to know more people.

I recommend you come to MGS as you’ll always have fun no matter what you’re doing, even if you’re doing something you don’t like.  You’ll always enjoy it here, it’s Megatron.