The Magic of New Beginnings - Alexander

Posted on: November 13th 2019School News


In our final article about life as an MGS boy, today we here from Alexander, who joined the MGS Junior School in Year 3 in September 2018: 

When I arrived at school on my first day I felt nervous, but was also excited about the prospect of starting a new school. But most of all, I felt so proud to be an MGS boy as everyone had told me how wonderful a school it was.

We spent the first few days getting to know each other and the teachers, who are all so nice and incredibly generous. However, one of the best parts was realising just how good the school lunches were and they continued to be excellent all year.

From my second day, I have been getting the bus to school. I felt a little apprehensive about this initially, but soon realised it wasn’t that big a deal. In fact, you get to make lots of new friends, some of which might be in different years in the School. It is also much faster than going by car and you can’t get a late mark if you are on a school bus!

I have really enjoyed the different types of lessons. Some of these, such as Maths, English, Geography and History you have in your own classroom and I was used to from my old school, although even these sometimes take place in a different parts of the school, like when we went outside in Maths to find examples of the Fibonacci spiral in nature. Some of the more exciting lessons are the ones that take place in the Senior School such as Art, Music and Science.

There is also a period called Options where we get to choose from lots of activities, which range from Lego building and gardening, to pet care, learning the violin and the Hugh Oldham Award, which is an optional award which requires the completion of activities and life skills carried out in school and at home.

One of the things I have enjoyed the most is the range of sports we have had the opportunity to try and represent the School at in fixtures against other schools. These sports include, rugby, football, cricket, tennis, swimming and, my favourite hockey, which I have since joined a club to play at the weekends as well.

At the start of each term, you are given a list of clubs that are available at lunchtimes and after school. You have to do at least two of these each term, but they are really good fun and give you the opportunity to try new activities. Personally, I have joined the choir and had the opportunity to perform at the Christmas and Spring concerts. I have been in chess club, fantasy world and also joined several sports clubs, including rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis and rounders clubs, not to mention swim squad.

During my first week at MGS, I was selected by my new classmates to be on the School Council committee. This has been a very enjoyable experience because it has enabled me to work with children and teachers from other classes in the junior school. This year our focus has been on improving the playground and having sports equipment available to play with at break-times.

We also went to Plas Menai for three days, and before I went I was looking forward to kayaking, archery and rock climbing. Being there with all my friends was great fun and the most enjoyable activity was sailing a racing yacht, closely followed by power boating.

As well as being a lot of fun, MGS has also developed how I learn. We do a lot of collaborative projects to learn the importance of teamwork and have learnt lots of different ways to solve problems. The most important lesson we have been taught though, is that it is ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

Last year was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to see what the future years at MGS have in store for me.