The Magic of New Beginnings - Leo

Posted on: September 30th 2021School News


As we conclude our feature about what life is really like at MGS for our boys, today we hear from Leo and his experiences of being a Year 3 boy in the MGS Junior School last year: 

On my first day in MGS, I was a bit unsure because I was the new student and because of the Covid-19 situation, but the moment I walked into the School, all my worries were replaced by amusement. I surrounded by smiling faces and joyful voices. I felt like every step I took made me more confident.

I enjoy every moment in school. There are all the things we are looking for, such as endless knowledge, interesting topics and various sports. I am very pleased that I am in Miss Aspinall’s class, She is very kind and caring, she knows our abilities really well and helps us in all aspects. 

During the homeschooling time, all the teachers did their best to teach us online and they cared about our feelings all the time. Even when we had to stay at home, we were never been alone. I think that all my classmates are bright, motivated, and hardworking and we should proud of our achievements this year. 

I am really proud to be one of the MGS students, I hope to continue doing my best all the time!