Hand sanitiser experiment led by Junior School pupils

Posted on: February 18th 2022School News

Science club assembly Feb22

Due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, antibacterial hand sanitiser and its use have remained firmly in the news!

This term, the boys from the Junior School Science Club set out to investigate how well it works to kill the bacteria that lives on all our hands. The boys carried out a mass trial of their colleagues in Year 6 gathering data from over 60 subjects.

They sampled and cultured the bacteria living on ungelled hands then repeated the test after the subject had gelled their hands. The team then carefully compared the resulting colonies of bacteria that grew.

Finally, the year 6 members of the Junior School club presented their findings to the Junior School assembly. Overall, they concluded that the technique they developed showed that the gel did kill some of the bacteria on hands but not quite the 99.9% claimed by the manufacturer.

Well done to Science Club for tackling a difficult topic with determination and maturity!